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Rapid web prototyping with the U.S. Web Design System

How can designers and developers work together to design in code? How can prototypes help answer critical design questions? How can USWDS help you build faster than you might have thought possible?

Join the USWDS team for our December call, as we look at rapid prototyping with USWDS.

Note: This handout includes links to non-government sources. We’ve included these links for education purposes only, and we do not endorse the information on any linked non-government site, nor the organization hosting the information.

Why rapid web prototyping?

Rapid prototyping accelerates learning, reduces risk, and improves outcomes.

How to do it

Getting started

CodePen templates

USWDS Blank Slate


USWDS Boilerplate


USWDS User Flows


GitHub templates

USWDS Sandbox

Next steps and resources